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First Lotus Gold Certified Green Building in Vietnam.

The green building model home of LeKhaMart, built according to the Lotus standard, has become the first supermarket in the world to achieve Lotus Gold certification for a residential-commercial hybrid model.
Located in the expanded Tân Kim Residential Area, Tân Phước Ward, Cần Giuộc Town, Long An Province, the green building model home of LeKhaMart, owned by LeKhaMart, has recently obtained the first Lotus Gold certification in Vietnam and globally for the residential-commercial hybrid model.

Mr. Le Trong Kha, the Director of LeKha Distributor Company Limited and the investor of LeKhaMart, stated that the construction of the green building model home will serve as a template for future sustainable construction projects, setting new standards for supermarkets worldwide.

Explaining the reason behind the green building model home project, Mr. Kha mentioned that in the past, people often talked about green building standards but primarily focused on large-scale projects worth millions of dollars. Meanwhile, social housing projects have not received sufficient attention for sustainable development in accordance with green building principles.
As a construction engineer, Mr. Kha aims to create houses that are aesthetically appealing, functional, and environmentally friendly. Therefore, he sought the expertise of the green building consultancy company GreenViet to advise and construct the green building model home, allowing customers to view it in person instead of relying solely on 3D models.

"With this actual construction, I hope it can spread the concept of green buildings to everyone. I undertook this project with the desire to engage the community and individuals who are interested in green design and construction. I have realized that not only large-scale projects or high-value constructions should prioritize these standards, but even smaller projects play a significant role in promoting sustainable development, particularly in utilizing energy efficiently amidst the increasing greenhouse effect on our planet," explained Mr. Kha.

Due to this realization, LeKhaMart pays special attention to the facilities it provides, including equipment, landscaping, the environment, materials, and optimal solutions for the construction, aiming to offer the best experience for users while protecting the environment.
In order to achieve the prestigious Lotus Gold certification, a house must meet strict criteria, including reducing energy consumption, promoting sustainable development, and using environmentally friendly materials. It must also prioritize the health of its occupants by using recycled materials and minimizing the release of low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, which are organic compounds that easily evaporate).

Therefore, the green building model home of LeKhaMart was conceptualized and constructed according to Lotus standards. Throughout the 3-month construction period, the project incorporated various environmentally friendly features, including high-efficiency lighting systems, effective natural ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as solar energy utilization. Additionally, the project integrated rainwater collection and wastewater treatment systems to reduce water consumption.
With its eco-friendly amenities and features, the green building model home of LeKhaMart has been awarded the Lotus Gold Green Building certification by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).

It is known that the green building of LeKhaMart is the first project in Vietnam and the world to achieve the Lotus Gold certification for a residential-commercial hybrid model. Obtaining the first Lotus Gold certification in Vietnam is not only a significant achievement in the green building industry but also plays a pioneering role in the development of sustainable projects in the future.

By constructing a green building, LeKhaMart is contributing to environmental protection and creating a healthier and more sustainable future for its customers and the wider community. In addition to the environmental benefits, according to Mr. Kha, the green building of LeKhaMart also helps save approximately 20% of construction costs by optimizing waste.

Through the LeKhaMart model home, Mr. Kha hopes to inspire the Vietnamese construction industry and encourage the transition to green buildings, from small-scale projects to large-scale ones, in order to build a more sustainable and greener future for the country. Therefore, in the future, LeKhaMart will enhance awareness of sustainable design and construction, contributing to social impact and spreading the values of green buildings to the community.